suse 10 pear reports conflicting version

i am trying to install pear pkgs on suse 10 pear on a host without net access :-(

pear -V reports
  PEAR Version: 1.3.5
  PHP Version: 4.4.0
  Zend Engine Version: 1.3.0

yet when i download DB-1.7.5.tgz to install manually via
  pear install /tmp/DB-1.7.5.tgz

it reports
  requires package 'PEAR' >= 1.0b1
  DB: Dependencies failed

using --force doesn't seem to help
  pear install -f /tmp/PEAR-1.4.9.tgz

results in
  requires package 'PEAR' >=1.3.3
  PEAR: Dependencies failed

using go-pear.php fails due to lack of access to the internet.

any suggestions?

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Richard QuadlingConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
My PEAR -V reports

PEAR Version: 1.4.8
PHP Version: 5.1.3-dev
Zend Engine Version: 2.1.0


I did ...

>PEAR download PEAR
downloading PEAR-1.4.9.tgz ...
Starting to download PEAR-1.4.9.tgz (283,443 bytes)
........done: 283,443 bytes
File C:\\PEAR-1.4.9.tgz downloaded

Then ...

>pear package-dependencies c:\pear-1.4.9.tgz

and got ...

Notice: Undefined index:  attribs in PEAR\Command\Package.php on line 611
REQUIRED? TYPE           NAME                    VERSIONING                   GROUP
Yes       Php                                     (version >= 4.2)
Yes       Pear Installer                          (version >= 1.4.0a12)
Yes       Package        pear/Archive_Tar         (recommended version 1.3.1)
Yes       Package        pear/Console_Getopt      (recommended version 1.2)
Yes       Package        pear/PEAR_Frontend_Web  conflicts
Yes       Package        pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk  conflicts
Yes       Extension      xml
Yes       Extension      pcre
No        Package        pear/XML_RPC             (version >= 1.4.0)
No        Package        pear/PEAR_Frontend_Web   (version >= 0.5.0)
No        Package        pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk   (version >= 0.4.0)
No        Package        pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk2

So, package-dependencies DOES work on the downloaded file.

So, use PEAR DOWNLOAD xxxx (where xxxx is the package you want), then you can use PEAR PACKAGE-DEPENDENCIES xxxxtgz (where xxxx is the downloaded package with the version number).
Richard QuadlingSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
There is the pear command ...

PEAR package-dependencies

But I'm having trouble getting it to work. I don't know if it works on installed packages or not.

I've probably got the syntax wrong.


>pear help package-dependencies
pear package-dependencies
List all depencies the package has.

So ...

>pear package-dependencies PEAR

Warning: fopen(PEAR): failed to open stream: Permission denied in PEAR\PackageFile.php on line 419

Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in PEAR\PackageFile.php on line 420

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in PEAR\PackageFile.php on line 421
could not open file "PEAR"


I tried ...

>pear package-dependencies pear\pear\php\compatinfo\cli.php
Could not get contents of package "C:\PEAR\pear\PHP\compatinfo\Cli.php". Invalid tgz file.

So, try ...

>pear package-dependencies /tmp/DB-1.7.5.tgz

prevostpilotAuthor Commented:
it may be possible to d/l the PEAR pkg on a laptop, copy it to the other box, and install it from the local copy, but this didnt work for me.
alas, i finally surrendered - i bought a pci-to-pcmcia adapter, installed pcmciautils, and a verizon 5740 card :-(
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