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I have a Treo 650 that I am selling on ebay that I have hard reset and deleted all data. My queston is I also want to include some software applications that I bought since I no longer need them. I have all the serial #'s etc but they are all registered to me. Since all of the registrations have my information with the companies I purchased them from what would be the best idea since I dont want the new user to contact the company and have access to my info. Thanks for any help with this.
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Hi Sauron,

I too had a similar experience and the problem was most of the registered software either didn't have a policy for transferring the license, or they prohibited it.

After thinking it through, the software on my Palm wasn't the main attraction that the person bought it, and that most of the software would need upgraded or renewed within a year, so I took it all off.

If you must have the software installed, I guess it depends upon you and how you want to deliever it to the new owner.  And I would remove my personal information from any website of any program you bought.  

Good Luck!

Have u gone through the License Agreement of those software. Many software has a non-transferable or transferable licence agreement. In this case I think you can give ur Treo with those software loaded but not the CD. I think you can give those as preloaded with your Treo mobile.

Palm provides the license transfer facility for the OS & Software. So, if some software from Palm, then you can transfer the license.

So, read the agreement of other software vendor you've. If they provide a license transfer facilty the you can simply transfer the license.

Hope this helps
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