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I am having dificulty migrating bookmarks from Opera 7.11 to  Firefox.  I use the import function on Firefox but it will only import a portion of the Opera bookmarks, and leaves the majority ofthe opera bookmarks untransferred.  I don't know why, or how to fix it.  Any ideas of how to proceed?
Thanks in advance.
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Glad the Bookmark Converter worked for you.  Would you accept my answer above with an excellent grade?  Thanks!
Greetings, snowden617 !

1: use BookMark Converter to convert the opera adr file to a firefox html file:

a: this is fairly straightforward. select opera as the scource on the left, and find your latest adr file to put in the slot.
b: on the right, select mozilla/firefox as the destination type. browse to where your firefox bookmark.html file is, but DO NOT OVERWRITE IT. instead, save as a new name, such as 'operabk.html'.
c: press the convert button. as a bonus, see if you can beat my score of 669 bookmarks ;)

2: in firefox, go to bookmarks: manage bookmarks. (forget the main file: import, use manage bookmarks!) here, you will find the correct file: import option. browse to the html file you saved in step 1.

a: that should do it! organize the folders to your liking and close the manager.

3. Alternative converter:


Best wishes!
snowden617Author Commented:
Thanks, perfect answer.  I sucessfully converted *1,225* bookmarks from Opera to Mozilla.  No Problems with above first-mentioned software.
Appreciate the answer.
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