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I am pretty new at trying to use threads, but for someone with a little more experience this should be a very easy question to answer. In my application I have a method that runs a pretty intensive process. It is a pretty long method and has already been written. Now, if I start a new thread and in that thread I call this method, is this method running in a seperate thread or is it still being run by my application? Example:

void CTestDlg::Run()
  // A lot of processing here.

UINT CTestDlg::MyThread(LPVOID pParam)
     CTest* pView = (CTest*)pParam;
     return 0;

I am wondering because doing it this way my application window is pretty slow responding during the processing. I thought that running something as a seperate thread runs the function in the background and woudnt affect my application much, but I'm not sure if Run() is running as a seperate thread or if MyThread() is just calling Run() and my application is still doing all of that processing. Can anyone answer this for me? Thanks.

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
What you have done is to create a separate thread that then instructs the MAIN thread to do the work in 'Run'.  That is why it is sluggish.
You need to do the work in the thread (MyThread)
cheapstrAuthor Commented:
That's what I was wondering. Thanks.
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