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Hacked on IRC?

My close friend used There.com a while ago.  There was a DJ in there that used Shoutcast I beileve and now I am finding out that if you Deejay in There.com (which they use Shoutcast)  you can see the IP Addresses of those who are listening to your music! =/

So anyhow, this deejay invited him into IRC Chat.  He had no idea what it was, he just clicked on the link and chatted a while with the ppl in the IRC Chat room.

Well a day or so later, his system lost Internet connection, then he couldn't even start Windows at one point.  He had to get a new hard drive...and the majority of the files from that PC are corrupted and would not even copy to a CD or over the LAN to a new computer.

Is it possible that he was hacked in IRC?  If so, could the hacker get files from his PC or just implant a virus (which it sounds like he may have had.)

Thanks for any suggestions!
2 Solutions
Hi JuniorBee,

The fact that he had to get a new HD sounds more like a hardware fault. I've just fixed someones computer last week because their HD failed, (It was making the classic "click-of-death" noises).

The most a virus would do is corrupt your system files making you re-install. Physically hosing your HD is unlikely. If the virus was written to send your personnal data then it could have done easily.

What anti-virus was your friend using? Do they use a firewall at all?
JuniorBeeAuthor Commented:
Norton at the time I believe.  I know he was running Norton firewall and/or possibly Windows XP firewall ...but I have no idea whether or not it was turned on.  I think that he may have tried to do the Shoutcast thing and opened up some ports not knowing what he was getting into.  

The deejay person used Shoutcast and at the time my friend had wanted to learn how to DeeJay from Shoutcast using his own computer as well.  I referred him to a link with some directions.  Unfortunatley, I think he may have tried it on his own and opened himself up to virus attacks.   LOL
Dushan De SilvaCommented:
To avoid this kind of situations better to use some firewall likes sygate firewall. Without looking this deeply difficult to tell exactly what happend.
IF you loosed any data you can recover those with getdataback.

Best is getdataback
Try with getdataback.


BR Dushan

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