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which is best overall?

Which router/modem router has the best security firewall?
2 Solutions
Depends on your needs. How many computers do you want behind the router? What
type of connection will it work on? What is your estimated spending budget?
The best network appliance is the one that suits your particular needs.
What do you mean by mixing 'router/modem'. Is it adsl nodem with routing capabilities
 that you're looking for?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Most people consider Cisco PIX firewalls to be the best.  But they cost $1000.  If you are talking about a home firewall/router, then there's very little difference.  They all block incoming traffic and that's about it.
Keith AlabasterCommented:
Dlink, Netgear etc have reasonable basic firewalls for reasonable prices. Obviously the position improves depending on both your needs and your budget... Many of these incorporate the modem, firewall and router into one device.

Cisco makes products for all levels and are certainly in the top bracket regardless of the model you purchase.

other alternatives are software based firewalls such as ISA and Checkpoint but these can be pricey.
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I would go with Juniper if you can.

Juniper and Cisco are both solid.

Netscreen's have modem's, and are cabable of routing. reference the  below links.
I'd recommend ZyXel as a solid home/office type device. Cheap and does what it says, and very well.
SonicWall are good, but not sure if they do a DSL modem inbuilt or not. If you have a DSL modem already (or use a cheap Netgear) then I'd recommend SonicWall highly.
Stay away from Netgear if you are planning to use VPN to your device as the costs increases fast (you have to use their VPN client).
Cisco are good but expensive. 2nd hand are bargains though if you scour ebay.
Juniper are also very good and cheaper than Cisco.

Software ones are not usually any cheaper or better than hardware devices. ISA is OK if you like Microsoft but has significant weaknesses... namely costs !!!

Wide choice... much of a muchness though. Don't get too bogged down in the technical babble, check it has the features that you specifically require and the price is within budget. If so, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Hope this helps
Check this out too to help you make your decisions

This one is Junipers help to figure out which is better for you, it might be a little slited but gives you a good idea.
Dushan De SilvaCommented:
As I have experienced Cisco PIX firewalls is good.

BR Dushan
Keith AlabasterCommented:
Thanks :)

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