PC will not boot after installing Graphics card

Hi Experts

I have purchased an HP Workstation xw4300 that came without a video card so I ordered a compatible Nvidia card to go with it. I installed the card & switched on but imeadiately the PC gave an audible 6 beeps (repeated  4 or 5 times) and that was it, no display, no boot

Is this because I need to upgrade BIOS/Drivers for the card ? The card came with 2x CD's titled "NVIDIA Graphics drivers" should I be booting from these first ? As the PC has no onboard card I am unable to boot without the card to load additional drivers first.

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PCBONEZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
6 beeps is not good...

I know you won't be able to see anything but see if the beep code changes with no video card installed.
First: A video card should work in a basic mode to allow you to install drivers.
Second: Drivers only matter after windows loads. The video has to work in a basic mode to allow you to start the system up and go through the BIOS setup. You aren't even getting to Windows so the drivers aren't the problem.

You have some kind of a serious hardware problem but I can't say what because you have nothing that's "known good" at this point.

Can you try the video card in a different system?
Do you have another PSU you can try?
Check to make sure the processor and RAM are installed correctly.
Are the fans spinning?
Are the drives spinning up?
or try another video card, even a cheap PCI one will do
RangerLadAuthor Commented:
I agree looking at the link that 6 beeps looks bad, the same 6 beeps come without the card installed, the fans & drive are starting ok so all routes point towards a return to HP. Thanks for your comments

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