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16x16 v 32x32 pixel icon (.ico)

Hi Expert,

For a Delphi application, I created a 16x16 pixels icon (.ico). One of 32x32 would be reduced to 16x16 automatically and all detail would get lost then. However, when the application runs and while switching between programs (on Windows XP) using ALT+Tab, so that the running programs' icons are shown, the 16x16 one of my application is automatically turned into a 32x32 one, which doesn't look good at all either, especially not between the other ones which are perfectly sharp and 32x32 pixel icons *not* converted from 16x16. How do they do that?

Any ideas?

Thank you!
Ron dW
2 Solutions
mmm... have never noticed that... where did you put the icon?
on the project options, application?

how about on the actual Form (icon property), that's probably the one that shows up when "Alt-tabbing"
Ron_de_WeijzeAuthor Commented:
Indeed on the project options, application. Putting it on the Form's icon property doesn't make a difference unfortunately.

it's pretty simple actualy. the icon you give to your application must contain 2 icons (this is called a multi layer  or multi page icon or something like that). now the first icon must be 16x16 and the second one 32x32 (some even argue on 64x64, but I am not sure if that is supposed to be the 3rd icon or not)
anyway, when the application is shown in a thumnail or in any place where a small icon is needed, then the first icon is used regardless of it's size. If there is a need for a big icon (like a desktop shortcut) then the second icon is used regardless of size, if there is one)
most icon editors these days know how ot handle this sort of icon types. I usually made them using visual studio at work ;)

hope this clears the fog a bit :)
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Ron_de_WeijzeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ciuly, that surely clarifies, but where do I put both icons? In the Project Options - Application Settings, there is only room for *one* "Load Icon...".

it seems to me that it didn't clarified it :P
one icon (one file) can hold several icons (images): http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=multipage+icons&btnG=Google+Search
take your pick for the program to use.
hello Ron_de_Weijze , , The windows system will get an Icon from a program's resource icon file, it will pick an icon from that icon file, that best fits the system's  bit-count and pixel size (like 32 bit, 48x48 for windows XP) for the icon display, , , So microsoft recomends that all Icon files have 3 icons sizes in 3 different bit depths, , the 3 sizes are , , 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48, ,  the 3 recomended bit counts are , ,  4-Bit, 8-Bit, and 32-Bit . . . . An Icon file can have many separate single Icons in it, , But a program should have at least a 16x16 and 32x32 4-Bit icons in the resource file. . .So your question - "but where do I put both icons?"  , , you place them in ONE icon file, you should get an Icon editor and build your muti-icons, or you can do it with a delphi program you make to do it, but that is more difficult
I'd like to recomment Axialis IconWorkShop :)
Ron_de_WeijzeAuthor Commented:
Thank you Ciuly and Slick, I had not heard about multipage icons and icon files. I suppose there is my answer and I will have to deal with it a bit later when I have time. So for now I will split the points.
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