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1. whats the  difference bettween SCSI SATA  and IDE.
2. whats the  transfer  rate  of SCSI SATAI SATA II  and IDE
3. whats the  RPM  all of  of SCSI SATAI SATA II  and IDE
4.Can  SATAII be used as replacement of SCSI s in servers. 5. Whats the main thing  to look for selecting hardidsk for a sever is it RPM Space or transfer rate?
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1 Solution
1. The bus they use
2. Depends on the controller
3. Depends on the drive
4. Depends on what you mean by "replacement"
5. Failure rate.
pawankkAuthor Commented:
coral 47
1. what bus they use..do it eefects on perfomance and speed  elaborate plz..
2. controller whats  the effect of controller on performance and speed.
3. In general whats the RPM used by  all the 4.
4. by replacement  i mean alternatively i mean  can  a sata II  as its trsfer rate is 300mBps  be used  as an replacement of SCSI .........y ..??
5. Ok do scsi  have lees failure rate whats  the failure rate ..??
1. >> do it eefects on perfomance and speed <<     Yes.

2. >> whats  the effect of controller on performance and speed <<  It is what set the Maximum speed of the bus.
Fast controller + slow drive = slow preformance.
Slow controller + fast drive = slow preformance.
Fast controller + fast drive = fast preformance.

3. >> In general whats the RPM <<  The most common spindle speeds today are; IDE - 5400 to 7200rpm.  SATA - 7200 to 10,000rpm. SCSI - 10,000 to 15,000rpm.

4. >> can  a sata II... be used  as an replacement of SCSI <<  Can you put a SATA drive on a SCSI bus?  No.
Can you use SATA instead of SCSI? Yes. But SCSI still is more dependable and faster for systems that run 24/7.

5. >> do scsi  have lees failure rate << Currently, Yes. But SATA and IDE are getting better.
>> whats  the failure rate <<  I don't know, off the top of my head. But it is up in the years.

These links should give you info to find out more:
Thank you much.    : )
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