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Windows Backblasts

Hi dear experts!

Here is some nice trip for you.

I would like to ask which are the problems (or the main ones) with each and all windows releases, from Win98SE to WinXP (and Vista if possible). Please tell if informations are fact or opinion (what I will also like to hear out), and their possible solutions.

You are free on how to tell it, but if you like I think it would be easier for me to both analise and judge something like:

rcesar(1).win98SE.opinion. It has too low capacity in handling 3D games, even using 3D card. Although it was good for the games of its time. No solution.

rcesar(2).winME.fact. Although it is the first version with the system restore feature, it is troubled turning restores not reliable. Solution: there is a file named 290700usam.exe that fixes the problem.

List as many as you want,  but you may also add in subsequent posts, like:

rcesar(3).win98/ME.fact. Both network features are poor to support full download performance in nowadays peer-to-peer services. Only solution is upgrading to win2k or winXP.

Repeated issues will not get less value only if as founded corrections, like:

crappy(13).rcesar(2).fact. Inaccurate since 290700usam.exe is reported as a trojan releaser (see http://virusbla) and the problem could be fixed by running winME service pack 2, avaiable at http://microbla.

These are just lousy examples- don't know how accurate they may be.

What I want is to become just sufficiently aware of what to be carefull of when using any windows release, and I will elect who better regard this aim, not just on numbers. I'm not intending to share points, but just bestow the best.

Good luck and thank you.

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2 Solutions
Hi rcesar, this is a very good question but not easily answered. Depends what you want to use a computer for and also on how many users have tried 98.
These are my opinions. :)

 Windows 98 se edition was a good console for games depending of course with all windows the video card how much ram.
98 was a dos based system and Bill fazed this out thru the new systems and now at xp there is very little dos.
All of these windows are built on the windows NT platform.
But if you dont want bling bling then 98 is the best.

The difference from when windows 98/ 98/ 2nd edition first came out is the now availabilty of awsome mainboards better ram. Unbelievable video cards.
When it first came out computers were not as advanced as today.
The memory cards mainboards were still in infancy stages so 98 may not have looked that good a choice.
So after all these windows versions since then and now looking at Vista so many people are finding that they can now build thier own, buy the best main boards ddr video cards and can install windows 98.
It is still rated the best for games.

You said it yourself in a nutshell, but most of 98 problems were resolved with 98 2nd edition.


windows me/ 2000  are very similar to windowsxp.
The only difference really is the higher processes/services and more bling bling.
The novalty of the blings blings.
Programmers want to make money so lure you in with the bling bling and cool stuff then say well we wont let it run on windows 98 only me or windows2000 or xp sp2. So they have a hold over you.

You are hooked and want the this game well then you have to decide what you want a computer for.

These systems Me/2000 and xp  started the auto mated services, helping folks who just want to switch on their computer and it checks scans everything for you.
The problem with non interference and automation users became lazy and hackers rubbed their hands together and slip in the back door take over these computers steal information crash the systems.
I'm not saying they couldn't do this with 98 but windows 98 you were the driver the one in control.
 No hidden settings and automated scripts and packed full of services to run the system for you monitoring everything. Automated updates etc.
These services come at a price.

XP sp2 has had more problems than any other system built.
Main reason for these problems were people wanted control and wanted to play and use it their way.
Well they cant have it both ways, so many many young kids return to 98 but with better home built systems.

( this page is so huge) but it shows my point, no other system has had so many problems.
Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

I have  one computer running windows 98 sec edition, for games one windowsxp pro/sp2 for working on and one with windowsxp home for personal use. and find apart from the bling bling there is no difference from 98.
It is all about the appearance and cool toys. But for performance there is not much difference it depoends on what is on the mainboard.
But once again these days there is more software available to buy outside of MS and add bling bling to windows 98.
Xp and 2000 are like automatic cars.


So it is all about what you want to use the computer for.
No amount of opinions can decide this.
How much money are you prepared to spend becuase we used to have saying with computers you throw money at them unless you educate your self about how they work.

The real question is do you want to access the internet then 98 and windows millennium is no good.
As there is no longer safe patrches available.
Goodbye Windows 98 and Millennium!

Which Operating System Is Right for You?

Choosing the Right Computer or Mobile Device for You

Hope this helps you to make a good choice.
I am sure there will be others.
Regards Merete
rcesarAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

Thanks for answering.

I didn't understood the big F. Please explain if it's important.

As I said, I'm interested in knowing which bad issues (specifically) I must care about in any or all windows releases. That's because I just want to be learned on them - to be aware of them as I use any computer or talk to people about - not that I'm needing to chose a windows for myself.

For now I'm waiting others to respond. And yes, answering my question is not easy, as I have pointed it.
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lol no I dont know what that F is either, does look like I am swearing, god forgive I am not.

 I was going to offer a second thought but hit the wrong key on my keyboard and the page turned to another page and I couldnt find my way back to this link.
Please disreagrd as a misprint.

Ok while I m here have you owned any computers before rcesar?
I have had a fair experience with computers  having had teenagers myself all gone now.

See problems/ errors with computers are really endless.
The main causes of problems are not actually the operating system but rather the folks who own them.
Pushing the system beyond its limits, adding software that is not compatible, not taking the time to understand how they work. Virisus and malware.
Not using the guides for each operating system.
Power surges.
Bad software using 2nd hand software.
Not replacing the hardware when its out dated.
And of course trying to own illegal copies.

If you could be more specific  lets say you wanted to play a new game and would like to know how it checks out what is the best video card that is more focused.

Windows xp states it only requires 512 meg of ram this is not true actually, In my opinion  because depending on the processor size/speed  this is not sufficient to do some serious heavy duty action.

Computers are a learn as you go.
So far no one has offered any more comments.
Cheers Merete

rcesarAuthor Commented:

>lol no I dont know what that F is either, does look like I am swearing, god forgive I am not.

Ok - you're welcome.

>Ok while I m here have you owned any computers before rcesar?

From CP-500, some native TRS-80 compatible.

>I have had a fair experience with computers  having had teenagers myself all gone now.


>See problems/ errors with computers are really endless.

I was expecting you to list which of them you personaly know or find to be the worse. Just your view. But that would be usefull only if I could compare to others views. I could learn from comparison, or from your debates. Without that I could just google it, what I have already done much.

I would like to hear the EE experts, for the sake of the greats!  

>The main causes of problems are not actually the operating system but rather the folks who own them.

This could be alike with anything ever. Even with sickness. Just about how you deal with your physiological inheritance, no matter what. No need to name any maladies, or define them, as they could be not seen as bad, depending on contingencies.  

>Pushing the system beyond its limits, adding software that is not compatible, not taking the time to understand how they work. Virisus and malware.
Not using the guides for each operating system.
Power surges.
Bad software using 2nd hand software.
Not replacing the hardware when its out dated.
And of course trying to own illegal copies.

Stress, uncleaness, white sugar, inactivity, sun exposure - but no specific ills - because they are millions.

>If you could be more specific  lets say you wanted to play a new game and would like to know how it checks out what is the best video card that is more focused.

My specificity is to see your personal approach to it, and compare with other's. What you could understand to be a defect, could be found as correct or not by others. But that would demand you to speak out your personal understanding.

>Windows xp states it only requires 512 meg of ram this is not true actually, In my opinion  because depending on the processor size/speed  this is not sufficient to do some serious heavy duty action.

#1 of your list. Thanks. Everybody agrees?

>Computers are a learn as you go.

This is part of my going.

>So far no one has offered any more comments.

I see! I see! Where are you all, folks? Is this some kind of conspiration? Do you think I´m on hidden agendas, being here just to monitor your personal views? Is there any real danger on speaking, besides being checked by your peers?

Or maybe this all just sucks...

Shake them Merete, or this will be not better than  gooooooooooooooooooogle!
lol awe good read though. True true mybe no one here has used many computers outside of xp lol.
I am just doing this as a bit of fun so no points desired ok.

Well I have seen some unreal problems that I could shake my head over in utter dis belief.
But that because 98 was on the verge of bigger and better and a lot of kids wanted the bigger better faster so they used to try to add these new bigger better to 98 and of course it would not run them.

You could write your own dos. Those games were great. No 3d though lol.
Starting with windows 98 compared to lets say windows2000.
firstly there is not a huge a difference from 2000 thru to xp ok.
 I found I always had a lot of problems with the damn setup.dll it would constantly cause problems that nolonger seems to happen with these new windows.
Everything was hard to find and not clearly shown in the specs system information was very limited.
yet it was not as much trouble adding hardware/ software drivers to 98/2nd edition as xp is.
98 was the beginning of the plug n play era.

Windows 98 would allow a much wider range of drivers, where as xp, even though the drivers for a nvidia card to give an example are the default correct drivers if xp doesnt like them then it crashes BSOD.

If you knew what you were doing networking 98/2nd edition was a bit harder than xp/2000, xp is very easy to network.

Xp just gets too many viruses where as windows98 is pretty stable. So long as you have an anti virus program you were right. Where as xp it seems these viruses are intent on finding any possible entry level.
windows2000 was pretty stable too. I believe it has to do with all these services accessing the internet all the time.

The user face of 98 did not have a lot of options is not as pretty as the new desktops. But it was fine.
 Also it is a lot slower and does not offer a lot of information about the system as xp does.

My main complaint with xp is that you cannot change more than 3 main components/hardware/software or MS considers it a new system.
Where as with windows 98 you can add as much as you like that windows98 can support.
Xp wants and demands verification and certifcates to show you own the stuff. Windows 98 didnt care.
you could Install it  over and over and on as many computers no probs.
 Xp is one and one only.

98  does not have the extensive services and access as windows2000 and onwards.
The games that you can play from windows me thru to xp cannot be compared to what you could play on windows98 dos games.
It simply is not designed to have that fast virtual memory or direct draw. I guess.

Windowsxp has a lot of features that help the owner to see how/what /when where and why the system functions.
Where as windows98 doesnt. Unless you learn dos and the famous cmd prompt.
it was such a simple platform.
When windows98 bsod it was just to re-install no choices really it does have safemode to try to fix things but compared to xp,  with xp you can perform system restore look into the actual brain and find out what is wrong before having to re-install.

Windows 98 was a live or die system. Never had many self fix tools or monitoring tools diagnostic tools.
Windows Me was just a simple add on to windows98, pretty interface but very much like 98.
It was really just a beta type of windows. tester.
It never had a lot of issues as intricate as xp and 2000.

If you are a person who likes to know the machine he is using inside and out xp is the choice.
As soon as the desktop loads there is so many things to be aware of.
If you dont see something xp will let you know by flashing its icon messages.
 And that to me is its failing. Unlike windows98 if you moved something or installed to your hearts content it would just get slow.
No warnings or prompts.

But xp you have to show it you know what your doing or it will crash on you, it demands that you follow a schedual or it crashes.

Windows 2000 is good for like office people, good on games does not have a huge issue with viruses like xp and is stable reliable.
The in between machine.

You could always look on EE  here under windows98 problems.
this is great place to see what problemns are still ongoing.

windows 2000 problems here on EE

There you go that is about all I can say really with out  specifics.

rcesarAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Merete,

I see I'll have to change my mind on what I was expecting here. For as so far no expert seem to disagree on what you are saying. Hard to believe they wouldn't care about. Getting many hits on this thread...

So lets see, maybe I could interact with you, in a way I could make it worth. If you do agree, I think it would be good to know from you on the following:

Many say Linux is better than Windows, so that you might agree. As Windows developers are not dumb, why they cannot make it as good? What's the difference? If you realise I may be not totally ignorant on the matter, couldn't be this a new approach to tell *how* Windows is wrong, or deffective?

Yes I agree.
The problem with Linux I have found.
(1) If you have been a microsoft user windows users it is very hard to switch.
(2) MS programs donot run under Linux. :(
(3) Java does run properly on Linux.

You'll catch yourself starting to download programs that will allow you to run some of MS programs on Linux.
And that is where the fun frustration starts again.
Linux is not as simple as windows. But some say it so long as you use only the latest greatest up to date software and hardware. But then again that could be because I am so used to windows interface.
Linux is quite different.
I used to believe Linux was safer but not anymore.
The more I read about the user experience the more I will stick with xp for now.
Linux is a clone of the operating system Unix, written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers across the Net. It aims towards POSIX and Single UNIX Specification compliance.

Andrew Morton, the lead maintainer of the Linux production kernel, is worried that an increasing number of defects are appearing in the 2.6 version and is considering drastic action to resolve it.
Not sure if you can access this as I am member.
Sun Microsystems, which licenses Java to other software companies, has modified its licensing terms to be more favorable to open-source OSs, specifically Linux and OpenSolaris. These changes specifically affect the Java Runtime Environment
Excerpt: "Many times I have come across seemingly hopeless situations where a program when compiled and installed in GNU/Linux just fails to run. In such situations after I have tried every trick in the book like searching on the net and posting questions to Linux forums, and still failed to resolve the problem.

Final thoughts:
 it is an operating system not really for the home user but more business related.
Technology is advancing so fast that programmers donot have time to truely to test, so they stick it on the market and get consumers to test it.
There is plenty out there looking for a new bit of excitement.
Cheers Merete
rcesarAuthor Commented:
Linux lovers!

Merete is saying ignominies on Linux, menacing it with public disgrace!

Attack!  Attack!
:) HA!
And proud
still no reponses.
Need better bait.
rcesar  I have sent off an email to khkremer Linux expert,  have asked  him if he wants to come onboard this discussion.

Heavily Guarded now :)
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I don't have much time, so I'll keep my rely short (and I'll try not to get sucked into a holy operating system war :)

Any operating system that is no longer actively maintained should not be considered (e.g. Win98) it's too old, MS is no longer maintaining it, and if somebody would find the ultimate exploit for it, you would be fighting it alone (meaning without MS' support).
There is no such thing as the best operating system! There is the best system for a certain application/user/situation. E.g. if your company standardizes on WinXP, it may be the best OS because the IT department will fight anything else on the network... If you want a system that is realtively immune to threats from trojans/viruses/bad stuff, you may want to go with Linux - even though this may mean that you don't have access to a number of commercial software packages. If you need to run a certain application that is only available for one OS, and you don't care much about other applications, you may end up using e.g. Mac OS. It all depends on so many factors.

I started out with DOS and then moved to Solaris (for work), made a right turn to OS/2 and headed straight for Linux, which I was using excusively for about six years. For work I had to learn to program Windows systems (and I think I know too much about them :), but at home I ended up with a Mac, but I'm still using a Linux system as my server. So, I have a lot of experience with different systems, and here is what I took from my travels through the OS world:

The latest version is usually the best (true with all systems I've worked with).
Chose the right OS for the right application.
Dare to look over the OS fence every now and then and play around with something that's different enough to your system so that you can learn something (and resist the urge to just dismiss the other system as not up to your standards when you encounter the first problem). The more you know, the better you can judge the advantages or disadvantages of an OS.

Hope that helps. And, give Mac OS X a try :)
your a champ khkremer  thanks for sharing your great wisdom, if you know any others may like to add some I am sure rcesar /myslef we would all love to have a read for a nice change.
Cheers Merete ;)
rcesarAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I'm having to delay a little. Coming back soon.

rcesarAuthor Commented:
Sorry for delaying so much, boys. Nothing really to excuse myself unless maybe some hard time.

Merette, you are a tested gentle man. Hope to meet you again. Your answers did help me, ok.

Khkremer, thanks also. Merette will love to see some split to you.

So long guys,

awe cheers rcesar happy computing.
Thank you too.
Regards and best wishes

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