Unable to remove additional mailbox from folder list

I have a user that is running Outlook 2000 on a laptop in cached mode.  He added an additional mailbox to his outlook profile but no longer needs it.  He has removed it by going into email accounts - change - more settings - advanced.... and it no longer shows in the list of additional mailboxes to open.  However it is still in his folder list and he can still browse all the folders in this mailbox!  I have exited outlook through file - exit.  I have tried turning cached mode off.  It has been days siince he removed it with multiple restarts in between...

Any ideas on how to remove this mailbox from his folder list?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Greetings, raglandan !

Something is corrupt on profile.  Create a new Outlook or Exchange profile.

Best wishes!
Can you archive only the contents in the folders that belong to the removed account and then shift+delete the folders manually?

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Thanks, war1
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raglandanAuthor Commented:
Sorry - this one slipped down my list for a few days - yep new Profile resolved this fine - should have thought of that myself...  Thanks!
You are welcome, raglandan!
This solution worked for Outlook 2003, please first verify if Outlook profiles resides at the same place.

In the registry, look for HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles.

Select the desired profile and parse thru the keys. Look for a string named 001e300a with a value of EMSMDB.DLL (in my case for Outlook 2003).

At the same time, the string named 001e660b SHOULD NOT be there. This value usually contains the user CN.

Close Outlook, do an export of your registry and then erase the 001e300a PARENT key. Open Outlook; the annoying mailbox should not be there anymore.
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