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Unable to remove Read Only by uncheck the box for a folder

I have a folder that is read only. If I uncheck the read only and click either Apply or OK, it seems goes away on the screen. But it come back when you reopen the folder. Anyone can help?
2 Solutions
Hi zzhang2006,

you have to uncheck the inherit option from under security tab - advanced

Greetings, zzhang2006 !

You may not be able to change the read only status because the folder is customized. Here is a registry edit to work around problem:


Best wishes!
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello zzhang2006

Locate the folder on dos mode, Goto Start --> run --> type CMD and enter

If the folder located in My Documents folder then type as the following..

cd documents and settings\"Account username"\My Documents      and enter, note that Account username should be your windows account and exclude the qoutes when you type the command.

Then type " Attrib /s /d  -R  Directory Name " And enter, exclude the qotes too..

This will permanently remove the Read only from the Folder and all the sub-directories in it.
If you want me to create a batch file for you to make it easier for you to do this, give me the exact folder name and location on your computer..

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This is not an uncommon concern. However, it's not the problem that it might seem to be--your folders are not really read-only, it only looks like they are (great job, M$).
If you tick the "read-only" box of a specific file (not a folder, but an individual file), you will see that the box is filled in with a real check-mark. That means that it is truly read-only, and that will stick when you click Apply. If you unckeck it, that will also stick when you click Apply. But if you look at any folder, the read-only box will always be filled in with a green square when you close the Properties box and then re-open it. It is Windows's way of saying: "Hey, this is a folder. Folders contain files, some of which could theoretically be read-only, and some of which might not be. I'll just draw this green square in this box to show that some files could be in one state, and some in the other." It doesn't even matter if ALL the files are in one state or the other, or indeed if the folder is empty! You cannot get rid of the green square.
zzhang2006Author Commented:

What I really need is to recursively remove read-only for the whole folder, moh10ly's command does the job, while SaxiconlosOne's answer solved the puzzle for me, I had mistaken the filled green square for the
read-only check mark. So sum up, there is no way to remove the read-only of the whole folder , including
all files in the subfolder, by just  ONE click. Correct?  (in fact I am a computer science professor)


Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
WoW .. I still didn't got my bachelor in Computer programming and basically i know nothing about programming lol.

Glad you got it solved.

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