Evidence Eliminator 5---is it worth it?

I recently came across a site that was promoting this software. The main claim is that it would erase internet history embedded into your hard drive. Information that was still retained even with a reformat. I guess I have nothing on my drives that are so personal that I wouldn't want others to know about but then again who knows.

Does anyone know about this software to go so far to recommend it.
It costs $99.99.

I saw WEB ROOTS washer program was a "almost as good" product for most people. Is this one a better/cheaper alternative?

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Well, if you're not doing anything that needs that level of protection, then why worry about it.  If you are doing such things or perhaps live in a place where you need to protect yourself then I'd suggest you do your homework very VERY carefully as it's easy to make broad claims about a product but whether or not the hiding that this program does will stand up to high-grade computer forensics is really the question.

In other words, if you are going to depend on a tool like this to keep you out of jail, then be sure you know with certainty that it works as claimed and that you know how to use it properly.
Before I answer, let me ask  "What is your goal?"  Are you looking for something to use, say on a personal or work computer before handing it over for someone else to use? Are you looking to just get some occasional peace of mind in case someone starts snooping around your pc? Or are you looking for a tool to wipe a disk before you donate or give a computer to someone?

I've not tried Evidence Eliminator, but I  have tried Window Washer.  I prefer Window Washer for a few reasons if for no other reason than they don't use misleading advertising tactics and scare tactics to tout their product.  

EE touts their ability to remove data that even the gov. agency evidence software can't find.  I have a few issues with this.  First off they use a screenshot of Encase, a well known forensic program that is  used by many gov. agencies, however the  screenshot they use looks like Encase Version 3, Encase 5 is  current, and has been for some time.  I worry about a company that has used the same stagnant advertising campaign since day one.  What assurance to I have that they have the dollars to keep up with the new privacy threats that come out?

I am a licensed Encase user, and I can tell you that either of these tools will wipe data to the point that Encase cannot retrieve it.  Pretty much anytime you overwrite something, it  is gone, regardless of what software you use.  Getting it back means using MUCH more expensive methods which require things like taking the hard drive apart in a clean room and analyzing it with expensive electromagnetic equipment.  If someone wants to know what you are doing bad enough to send your drive out for this kind of analysis, you have bigger probs that which one of these tools to pick. ;)

The choice comes down to which of these tools is going to be more current.  I'd opt for Window Washer since it appears to cover more than EE5.  I don't see anything on EE's page about support for Firefox and Mozilla browsers, or Itunes, or Adobe Acrobat.

Hope that helps!

Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
And normal format will not actually remove data on our harddisk completly. IF you want you can recover those using getdataback kind of software.


Try with getdataback.


BR Dushan
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