connec to sql server 2000 through inter net

i have pos system in head office (server) and clients ( 7 diffrent location)
when we add new item in the head office i must go to all the location to import this new items to the system so they can use it

the problem now we open 3 new clients in diffrrent city in the same country so to add new items i need to travel to this 3 cites

can i connect all the clients to the head office directly if i add new item to the head office(server) then all the clients can use the new data online direct without gooing and importing the new data to other location and is it useful (speed)

any helps please

i use vb6 programming (ado)

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if have static ip over internet you can access your server by changing the connection string like

Driver={SQL Server};Server=<your Server IP address comes here>;Database=<your db name>;Uid=user;Pwd=asdasd;

try this and give feedback
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you need to use the Server IP address that is visible on the internet, and of course ensure that the port 1433 is open in the firewall for the offices that try to connect to your sql server.
abdulhameedsAuthor Commented:
thanks all this is my connection string

On Error GoTo OCError
   Set adoPOSACC = New ADODB.Connection
    sAttributes = "DATABASE=" & DATABASENAME & vbCr & "Description=VISPOS" & vbCr & "OemToAnsi=No" & vbCr & "Server=" &
    RegisterDatabase "VISPOS", "SQL Server", True, sAttributes
    VisConn.CursorLocation = adUseClient
    VisConn.Open sConnectString

i try to put the ip not work with me
the network domain error

i tryied the ip
first tell us whether it is working on web server or in your organizations personal server? If it of your organization's one then it should have the public IP address which one was visible for the entire internet. Then only u can use that MS SQL server. Or try to buy a web hosting account from Service providers They will have the server with Public IP address. So that you can access that database from anywhere otherwise it is not possible to access your SQL server over internet(network).
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