How to Specify Default Save Folder

When I save file from an application, I want to specify a default save folder so that I dont have to browse for that folder each time to save. How can I specify default save for different type of applications.

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It would generally depend on the application you are talking about.  For instance with Word if you go into tools, options and then file locations you can edit the default document location.
On some applications, the default SAVE folder is under an Options or Tools menu somewhere. There is no firm rule.

On others, the save is built to default to a specific folder, with no easy way to change.  For these applications, I can think of two options:
1. Change the default save folder in Regedit (Search for the folder name).
2. Use the subst command to automatically map a drive to the folder YOU WANT. The program will still go to the default folder, but all you need to do is change to the mapped drive letter.
here is a link, but i do not think you can do it on a per application basis.

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