How can I monitor data usage on separate computers?


I have a ADSL internet connection running through a Dlink DGL-4300 router. Is there a program that I can install on the individual machines that use the internet that can log data usage (internet data per month in a text or other log file). I have no server (and really don't want one), but want to be able to see at the end of the month who has used what. An XP service would be the best as it can be hidden away (so users can't cheat the system). Anyone know if there is a program that can do this??
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I have used this program before.

You can install the server on your PC and install the monitor remotly and with stealth.  Just remember however, that any XP service can be shut off if the user knows it is there and has access to services.  

Good Luck

keppelkAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for but could find.

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