Outlook access denied and file size too large; brings up word email editor when I try to open outlook.pst file

Problems started when my computer was attempted to be added to a network at a new workplace.  This could be coincidence but it is telling me that file size is too large (1.5 Gig) and it is big- but this is in part due to it copying my entire inbox to an archived inbox.  Somehow my new emails were moved into and archived file, and my current calendar was made into an archived calandar. If I open outlook from the outlook icon it will open a pst file - but I dont know which one it is.  is it the "Ginny" (me) desktop?  or the administrator desktop.  I never had an administrator desktop until I was added to this new work environment desktop - and for a while after it was added I could only access outlook from the administrator side.  Then something happened...I have no idea what, and the administrator desktop disappeared.  I freaked - because all my mail for the last two weeks had been added to the outlook pst file that I imported from the Ginny desktop.  After a lot of poking around, I found my mails from the last two weeks in "archived" folders!   So I moved them all to the inbox, deleted the massive duplication of the old emails that were in the archive - and then........I think I made a huge mistake in deleting the archive folder.....because when I went back to nmy calandar, which had my current calandar as an archived calandar - and my two week old calandar as the current one.  I had no idea how to make the archived version the current calandar.  And I did not realize deleting the archive email folders would delete the archive calandar.  So, I tried to retriee the OLD oulook .pst file - the huge one which I saved a copy of to my desktop - so I could get to my calandar .....which I hoped was in the silly archived state in that file still.  But when I click on outlook.pst anywhere but from the opening of outlook - it just opens an email editor window in word and puts the outlook.pst file I am trying to open on as and attchment......so weird!  
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aiailaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in outlook
file>data file managment>add>pst>browse for the file.
the file must be copy onto the local machine because oulook wont read it from the disk. this will load into oulook your pst file.
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