When I export an On demand subreport to a pdf format, cannot open subreport

I am using Crystal Versions 9 and 11.  The problem applies to both versions, but  I use 11 for this example.  I am exporting a report to adobe.pdf.  When I export the report, I am not able to click on the On-demand subreport and get anything.

I tried creating a text box and formatting it on the Hyperlink tab to open a file that is the subreport.  But without the user parameters, I am not getting anything.  

Is there anything I can do to make this work?
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>>> Is there anything I can do to make this work?

No.  On-demand subreports aren't exported as part of a report.  You can of course open the subreport and export it separately but to the best of my knowledge it won't export with your main report.

As a workaround you could create a separate report that includes this as a normal subreport (not On-Demand).  Your application can show the current version to the user in the viewer but if they want to export you can export to version that has a normal subreport.  To accomplish this you'll need to create your own export button and handle the exporting behind the scenes - if you let the user click the viewer's export button then you can't change out the report being exported.
Agree. On-Demand subreports are just that.  Since the export doesn't click on them.

Here is a walk through on how to get them exported through an application.  A separate version of the report is not required


Good point - a separate version of the report isn't necessarily required.  Keep in mind though that the walkthrough changes the status of the subreports before the report is loaded so the subreports won't be viewed as On Demand either with this approach.

If you want to keep them as On Demand for viewing probably a hybrid approach is best.  Display the report normally.  Use a seperate export button as I described earlier only instead of loading a different report to export just load the same report and follow the walkthrough to change the subreports to normal mode.

chaverlyAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you.  I had already checked out the above hyperlink from a previous post.  I was hoping something had changed with version XI.  
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