Urgent ! Replacing the Hub and Tranceiver with Switch AT-FS709FC

Hi Expert , We are currently using Hubs and Transceiver to connect to the RF Access Point for the RF system and the Network performance slow.We tried to replace the Hubs and Transceiver with Switch AT-FS709fc had one 100FX fiber built in but it is not working. Any suggestion ASAP from Expert in this field would be really appreciatate it . Thanks so much.
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then maybe the switch needs to be configured in some way. That's about all I can say on it, sorry I can't be more help...
Not much info to go on, but 2 suggestions:
1. Did you check/reverse the fiber polarity? The swapping the fibers on one side.
2. Are you sure that the AP is 100FX? Both ends need to be the same.
Correction to #2 above: Are you sure that both ends of the fiber are connecting to 100FX?
lho92Author Commented:
Mikebernhardt, i did try to reverse the fiber polarity and fiber are connected to 100FX at both end.Thanks,
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