when including .dll class ( listed below ) in VB6 project, like Dim objConfigFile As New CGoConfig

Posted on 2006-05-01
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-01
ide recognizes methods and properties ok, but for some readons does not show their list after "."

not sure why ...

Option Explicit

Public strConfigFileName            As String
Public strConfigFileFieldDelimiter As String

Public Function strGetTag(strTagName As String) As String

    On Error GoTo Class_Initialize_Err
    Dim intPos        As String
    Dim strLine       As String
    Dim strTmpBuf As String
    Dim intFileNo    As Integer
    intFileNo = FreeFile
    Open strConfigFileName For Input As #intFileNo
    Do While Not EOF(intFileNo)   ' Loop until end of file.
          Line Input #1, strLine         ' Read line into variable.
          intPos = InStr(strLine, strTagName)
          If intPos > 0 Then
             strTmpBuf = Trim$(Mid(strLine, intPos + Len(strTagName)))
             If Left$(strTmpBuf, 1) = strConfigFileFieldDelimiter Then
                 strGetTag = Mid(strTmpBuf, 2)
                 Exit Function
             End If
         End If
    Close #intFileNo   ' Close file.
    strGetTag = strTagName & " - not found"
    Exit Function
    MsgBox ("Error in strTagName: " & Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description)
    strGetTag = "~~~"
End Function

Public Function strSetTag(strTag As String, strValue As String) As String

End Function

Question by:AlexF777
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Accepted Solution

ddepastino earned 2000 total points
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You have something that is not declared in your class or there is some other problem with your class.  Methods and Events for a class will not show if the entire class isn't working properly.  Try compiling the project and see what errors it gets inside the class, this should point you to the issue your looking for.

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