URL Frame Forwarding

I am wondering how URL frame forwarding is accomplished. Most Domain hosts offer this feature when u purchase a domain from them. It keeps the URL at the top the same no matter what page is requested.
Since I host my OWN domain, I would liek to know how this can be accomplished using IIS or Active directory DNS

Using iis6 windows server 2003

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All you do is create a frameset document as the default document of the site and create a single frame of 100% size witha src page of whatever you want.

Any links followed in the frame will display in the frame but the address in the browser bar will not change.

Dave Dietz
o0JoeCool0oAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dave I thought Hosts were using some other method but I think that must be what there doing as well as I cannot find any settings for any web server or DNS server that does this inherintly.

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