Copy files from RAM

I need a PERL script that will check to see if files have been read into RAM and if so, copy those files to the hard drive. Is this possible to do?

This will be running on a Windows computer and compiled to and EXE when complete.

Thank you

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ahoffmannConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> .. some people hide files in RAM and I need to locate them ..
you mean that they do something against some policies? Then either don't give them access to computers, or fire them. I guess that this is a social, not a technical problem. If they already know how to "hide files in RAM", they'll get around you "perl script to locate files" also.
> ..  files have been read into RAM
do you mean read into RAM by perl itself?

> ..  compiled to and EXE when complete.
why would you use perl whe you want to compile it?
jray9242Author Commented:
1. I will have no way of knowing how the files got put into RAM. I just beed to check for them and copy them if they are there.

2. Compling PERL to an EXE allows the people to use it with having to have PERL on the computer.
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1. I'm still confused, each process which uses a files should know if it is in memory, otherwise you have a memory leak.
  so what should your perl script check? which process, which file, which RAM?
jray9242Author Commented:
Now those are good questions and I need to find out before I can continue. What happens is some people hide files in RAM and I need to locate them, but you have asked something I need to fine out.

Are they using a RAM drive?

A RAM drive is when you take an area of memory, and consider it a drive.  It gets a drive letter, and you can use it like you would another drive.  Any files on it would be "lost" when the computer is shut-off though, so it's not a good place for stuff you want to keep.
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