Is there any way to print documents to home printer through vpn

I have a remote user that would like to print documents they view through remote desktop and watchguard vpn to their home printer. does any one know if there is a way to set that up?
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craylordConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Step 1. Install the printer drivers on the server.
Step 2. Make sure they have Printers checked under Local Resources from RDP.
Step 3. Verify that their local printer is using one of these ports. LPT, USB, or TCP/IP
   *Server 2000 does not support mapped printers using TCP/IP ports, only LPT and USB. Server 2003 does.
Step 4. Test.

Again, most people forget about the port that the printer is connected to. The biggest being newer HP's like to create their own "DOT4" port. This of course is not supported and must be changed to USB or printer pooling enabled for the printer. Enable and also select one of the LPT ports.
Ravi GoruTechnical ConsultantCommented:

you can print that document to a file and then carry it to your home desktop .. looks like a simple process.. right ..:-)

or else if u r looking for a sofisticated method..  then.. try enabling IPP .. ( Internet Printing Protocol ) .. on ur home desktop.. and u can print to ur local prointer from anywhere over internet ..

best of luck..


First, make sure the local printer is in working condition, they can print locally.

Second, make sure turn on client firewall while using RDP.

Third, go to options for RDP, local resources, check printers.

User suppose to print at this moment. If the user still have problems, the last try will be install client printer on the RDP session. Let me know if the above step works.

Good luck
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You need to make sure the drivers for the client's printers are installed on your terminal server or else they will not install (you will see errors in the event logs).  There are also utilities out there that make it even easier. One my clients use is called "Screwdrivers". You can find out more about it here:
My favorite is remote desktop, but I dont remember if it redirects printers by default, is this xp home or pro? Through a vpn you should also be able to do \\<ipaddress>\<printer share>
that should install the printer on the pc you want to print from. Hope that help some
Duplication question by same author:
Go to settings -> Then click Printers and faxes
Click -> Add a new printer
Select Local Printer attached to this computer
De select automatically detect and install plug and play .......
Click Next
Select Create a new port
Select TCP/IP From dropdown list
Then write IP address of your printer
Then install its driver
Thats it ;)
life_jConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are two ways you can do this.

If you wan't to print through the ts session,
1 - You need to have the drivers for your printer(s) installed on the terminal server
2 - You need to make sure "printer mapping" is enabled on both the client in the rdp connection properties and on the server in terminal services configuration

If you want to print directly to the printer, (a better way of printing through ts)
1 - You have a network printer at the client end
2 - You forward all printing ports in your client router to your network printer
3 - You setup a network printer on the ts server pointing to the external ip of your client router
Secondly, do not try fancy print rerouting with tcp/ip. As this is a VPN connection, the address is going to change quite frequently (unless configured to give the same ip). Making solutions with IP address worthless. Also worth mentioning, adding a tcp/ip port (local to the client) is equally worthless. The server has no clue as to the makeup of the users home lan subnet range, thus it will never route the job. It will only know the path to the VPN IP, a constantly changing variable.
clcurriAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, I am still trying out the options to see which one works, but I am having trouble locating the client/server redirection (fallback printing) option in group policy. My version does not show a client/server redirection setting.

I also would like to know if I need to do anything other than install the printers on the clients system and enable local resources in order to get the remote desktop to print to the local printer of the user?
Make sure the printer drivers are installed on the server and check the Event Logs for additional clues as to what you need to do to get it working.
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