credentials are not being copied to the local machine from the domain

I have a laptop on my 2003 domain that runs a special program called VPTS.  This program is made to work both on and off line.  The system works fine on-line, but does not recogonize the user as part of the group (VPTS Editors) when the computer is off-line.  I think I have to get the local computer to see or replicate the users credentials, but I do not know how.



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ahh no, you can make one similar but domain groups hold domain priviliges which a local machine cant contain
Hi tinker1967,

have you got a local group that matches? is the VPTS a domain group?

tinker1967Author Commented:
The VPTS is a Domain Group, but not that group on the local machine.  I was trying to see if the domain group could be replicated down to the local machine.
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