Notes will only open maximized. I cannot re-size the notes windows. This refers to the actual notes themselves, not the window containing a list of the notes. I have Outlook 2003

This problem only happens with notes in OUTLOOK2003 -- all other functions such as email and calendar are working fine. When I want to create a new note or open an existing note, it opens in a maximized position and I cannot re-size it. The top bar only has an X in the upper right-hand corner. PLEASE NOTE THAT I HAVE ALREADY RUN "DETECT AND REPAIR" WITHIN OUTLOOK. Please help me get this back to normal!
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MontyVConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no minimize button...oddly.  The blue bar that the "X" sits in, double click it.  It should minimize to the smaller size.  Alternatively you can right click the blue bar and select "Restore."  Unless I am misunderstanding this all together and you have tried this then I'm a tard...sorry.

- Monty
sgorshowAuthor Commented:
Well now don't I feel dumb? Your suggestion worked like a charm! I hadn't tried seems odd that Notes has different functionality than everything else I've seen in years of using Windows! Oh and learn. Thanks for your help!
>Well now don't I feel dumb?

Don't worry I had figure out the hard way myself long ago.  Yeah its strange why they did not put a minimize button on the menu bar.  I was playing around with it for hours until I figured it out.  I hope my mistakes saved you the hours that I spent.

Thanks for the points and grade.

- Monty
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