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I am running Exchange 03(SP2) on top of Windows Server 03Std in a virtual server.  It's been running just fine for months.  Today, I logged on and saw that the information store was stopped.  The console showed some DEP messages about mdb needing to close.  I disabled DEP in boot.ini and am still having the issue.  I have reapplied SP2, searched for spyware/rootkits, and done everything I can think of to no avail.  Below is the event viewer error:

Event ID 9763

An exception with code 0xc00000fd was thrown in module C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll; some parameters and their values were <Exception address - 7e840fdb>. A significant section of the call stack is in the data section.

The stack is HUGE so I figured I wouldn't post it unless asked.  The norm's are done; disk space is fine, it's under 16gig, the rest of the VServer is fine, no anti virus/etc.
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VahikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
read this article and see if it wii help u solve ur problem....
wylde342Author Commented:
Thanks for the tip.

I have now run:

1.  Anti Virus scan (network product)
2.  Spybot
3.  Windows Malicoius Software Removal (quick and full)

I have not found any root kits.  I also ran them on the VServer host, nada.

Any other ideas?
what is the version of davex.dll, ntdll.dll and exoledb.dll file on your system?
There can be many reasons for that.. and to get the root cause, i would suggest you to use ADplus to take dump of store.exe in the crash mode and let Microsoft read those dumps to identify the root cause.
Note:- As its virtual server, MS can help you with the problem but wont gaurantee you the solution. Just let them read the dumps, it should help you.

This kb will help you to take the dump->;en-us;286350

Amit Aggarwal.
wylde342Author Commented:

I stand corrected!  I ran F-Secure's blacklight, and it found some naughty stuff on my system.  I renamed it all/cleaned it out, and the machine is working fine.

Thank you for your assistance.
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