creating an ISO w/ Nero 7

Hi, I searched the solutions and found the answer to this for previous versions of Nero, but it doesn't seem to work with Nero 7,

I'm trying to create a CD image for my hard drive, an ISO file, not a Nero nrg file.  

I choose copy CD and the source is my cd rom drive and "image recorder" is the destination.  When "save as" pops up, there's only one file type available -- nrg.

Any ideas?
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Select image recorder. Then a new CD-ROM compilation. Drag the data drom the CD to the compilation window. When you "burn" it will ask for a file name and you can choose ISO from the dropdown.
I've come across this as well, not sure why it does this from time to time. I use UltraISO to make / modify them now, you can do alot more with it.
Try updating the app?
I have 7 Ultra and it gives the option of both an ISO and NRG.

Something that has never done me wrong is to just change the file extension to an ISO. I'm not sure how different the coding is for an NRG file, but they have worked 100% of the time as ISO files.
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