Using a Cisco T-1 Router as a bridge

Here is the equipement I have:
Cisco T-1 Router
SonicWall Firewall / VPN Appliance

Here is what I need to do:
I need a way to get the Public IP address(s) that I have directly to the SonicWall WAN port.  The ISP has given me a block of about 7 IP addresses.  I know that the first one has to be the gateway, but I am able to use the others.  

Here is what I need to know:
What kind of code do I need to put in my Cisco Router to get it to just pass all traffic directly to the SonicWall?  I basically just want to make my router into a bridge that will connect my ISP's network directly to my SonicWall.  I have done this with DSL routers that allow you to use bridge mode.  I understand that it will not longer be routing, but the firewall can handle all of the NAT.  
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BennooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On each of the interfaces add the command (via console or telnet)
interface eth1
bridge-group 1

then under global config mode add

bridge 1 protocol ieee

The sonic will have to complete the authentication to the isp.
What are the IP Addresses given by your ISP ? Did he give you a serial IP Address and also a block of IP Addresses?
sorry also add
no ip routing
Have you tried adding a static route?

ip route [network inside your sonicwall] [subnet mask of that network] [wan adress of sonicwall]

someting like this:  ip route [whatever adress you use on the sonicwall]

The address for the wan port on the firewall has to be one of the public addresses. This command says to reach any ip adress in the /24 go through your Sonicwall (which should have NAT turned on)

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