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I am having a big problem w/my primary Ace server and the secondary server. I am running RSA 5.0 on W2k server. I am offering 300 points for this one.
When I change locals, ex NY to VA the RSA servers seem to lock each other out or not synchronize to allow one to become the Primary. Therefoe no on can be authenticated! The only "solution" has been to physically reboot both servers.
Any ideas??!!!

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Also you could try shutting down the secondary while you make the change to the local.

Once your changes have been submitted bring the secondary back up. It should replicate your changes at that point.

Win2k with RSA5.0 is almost at end of life cycle. You may want to look at upgrading those servers soon.



Tim HolmanCommented:
Only the primary can be a primary.  It's not possible for a secondary server to automatically promote to a Primary, and this isn't something you should generally be doing.  If the Primary fails, restore the server, restore the database, and bring it back online.  Secondaries are only there to improve scalability/performance by offering extra authentication nodes in the network, but you can't make changes to them (ie add user accounts).
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