Veritas Backup - Disk To Disk To Tape - Duplicate slow

Posted on 2006-05-01
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Last Modified: 2013-12-01

Im using Veritas 10

I have recently upgraded our backup solution:
I have moved from an Dell Powervault 110T LTO2 tape drive (of which our backup jobs were taking around 19hrs to complete across 2 tapes)

To a D2D2T solution involving a new server (Dell Poweredge 2850 2 x Xeon 3.2Ghz 2GB RAM) with a 2TB Storage array (Powervault 220S) And Tape drive (As above).

I backup from 6 other servers to this one, Currently it take 14hrs to backup to disk (it was taking 20+ before i removed the mailbox brick level backup) Then the duplicate job to backup to take takes 20 hours. This causes the next nights disk backup to overwrite files that the tape duplicate is trying to read.

My question is how can i improved the speed of my tape duplicate job, im reading the disk data from a local disk, yet the tape job is taking longer than my previous solution (where i was reading from the 6 other servers to tape).

Is this a failing of the duplicate tape functionality? is this normal?

Its currently running at 420MB/Min

Question by:thegewse

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Do you have the extra internal SCSI cable to allow you to put the disk enclosure on the PERC 4di or is it hanging off the embedded SCSI controller?

With it taking 14 hours to do the disk-to-disk you have to complete the disk-to-tape in 10 hours since if not you'll be reading and writing to the disks at the same time which should be avoided. The file overwrite problem can be overcome by setting the overwrite protect period higher on the media set but it's not optimal to do both at once unless you have multiple enclosures and RAID controllers.

What RAID level are you using - I sometimes recommend RAID 0 for disk staging. Is the anti-virus software setup to exclude the backup to disk folders?

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shankshank earned 672 total points
ID: 16585639
I have a similiar setup as yours. The speed in disk to tape could be slow as a result of the 2disk backup that runs at the same time. I assume you are running RAID 0?

My disk to tape runs at 610MB/Min, which isn't a big jump from what you are running

Assisted Solution

ian_chard earned 664 total points
ID: 16588648
Can you post what sort of things you are trying to backup? You mention MS Exchange which will slow performance down, so if you can mention what other things you are trying to backup it might help people understand the environment you are in a little more. Basically your backup performance is affected by the size of the files; lots of small fragmented files such as user profiles will take a lot longer to backup than a series of large files.

The first thing I'd do is check device drivers and ensure that for the tape device, etc, you are using Veritas drivers and not Dell. I've had similar issues here in the past with Dell drivers either slowing the backups are quiting them all together.
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David_Fong earned 664 total points
ID: 16590019
It's D2D2T Ian, the nature of the data shouldn't make much difference to the throughput since it's already backed up and it's only the copy to tape they need to speed up. In effect they are 1GB files.

HP say you need at least 6 fast disk spindles dedicated to read to feed an Ultrium 3 at full speed so for LTO2 that's about three disks and since there's 2TB staging area there must be at least seven disks available, hopefully 14 of them.

I get roughly the same 600 MB/s that shankshank gets on the full-speed copies so 400 MB/s is slow. I think an experiment is needed, take the tape drive offline overnight and re-enable it after the D2D backup is complete.

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ID: 16590140
I do have 4 250GB SATA drives in a raid 0 also

Author Comment

ID: 16592270
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the comments.

David F: I have installed a Perc 4/DC Raid controller card and hung the disk array off that. It is the only device attached to this card. Yes A/V Excludes D2D folder

Ian C: I am using the Veritas drivers

I currently have my backup to disk folder on a RAID 5 Partition, consisting of 4 disks. As you all mention above, you all use a RAID 0 disk setup. I had not considered this!

I think i will recreate the disk in a RAID 0 config and see how that goes.

Keep you posted!

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