Upgrade hard disk of Toshiba Satellite 5105-S501 from 40 GB to 80 plus

I wanted to upgrade my hard disk of Toshiba Satellite 5105-S501 from 40 GB to 80 plus.How should I proceed ?What problems can I face ?
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how to proceed :  if you mean transferring the system from disk to disk, you can make an image, and trensfer that to the new disk, insert it, and boot.
>>  What problems can I face ?  <<   that you will only know after you did it. - you can have : a bad new disk (test it first), a bad connector, it can run hot(ter) and cause problems, etc...
But normally, you do not need to expect problems.
A good thing to do (MUST DO) before starting is having a full backup
ganga_68Author Commented:
can I just replace the 40 GB HD with 80 GB and format it using the recovery cds?
I am not worried about the data back up...
Also how to make an image of the old HD if thats the only way to go ?
thanks !
You can replace hard drive and install the system using recovery cds. Boot from recovery CD and follow windows installation.

But also :
You could clone old drive to the new one.
Connect both hard drives (with 3,5 - 2,5 '' hdd adapters) on any desktop(disconnect its hard drive -so You won't clone it or on it accidently) computer.
Boot the system using  any bootable cd containing some cloning program(hirren boot works perfectly for me - has acronis and ghost ). Clone 40 gb on 80 gb.
You have the same system on large drive but more free space.

You can make image instead with any cloning program like norton ghost, use the wizard, burn to dvd but I prefer 1st way.
GGJJ may i remind you that hirens boot cd is illegal ? against EE rules !
2.5" to 3.5" adaptor cable : http://ostg.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=811539
but if the laptop is still running and has :  a burner, or network capabilities, you can use them to store the image on cd's, or on another PC.
Then put in your new disk, boot from the Ghost bootable floppy (or from the Acronis one), and restore your image.
Connecting both to another PC, works also of course
easiest and fastest way is how you said, pop in the new drive and use the restore cd... then no need to purchase additional cloning software or cables and mess with plugging it in a desktop pc...
the restore cd does not have a hard drive size or brand requirement. as long as the hard drive is compatible with the laptop it will work (drive speed, does the MB recognize 80+ gb, etc).

problems you might face are:
     some laptops have shields/covers on the drive that go on a specific direction to dispurse heat.  make sure you remember how it looks before you take everything apart
     the cable for some laptop hard drives are not very durable, careful not to pull to hard
     screws are very small, dont loose them! :)   and make sure you dont overtighten... everyone does that and strips the holes
not too much to worry about, just basic things i mentioned
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