Need to pass through net traffic from another location


Fairly sure this is the right section, but not positive.  Basically what I want to do is route all my internet activities though a friend's net connection, in another location.  I want all the sites I visit to only see my friend's IP.

I've seen a solution to this, but it was a long time ago and I don't know exactly how they did it.  The solution I saw had a headless PC with NetBSD installed...the local router then had a port forwarded to it.

I'm not married to the idea of using a vpn (apologies if I'm using the wrong term)...all I want to do is put a machine in my friend's house that allows my traffic to be redirected through it, giving his IP to any external websites.  If there is some very simple solution, that would be great...the most important thing is to have as little lag as possible (I realize the extra bounce adds some, I just mean the best possible given how I want to connect).

I'd need to know how to set up my local machine's connection (PowerMac G5 connected to Linksys Router, which is connected to cablemodem), and the box in my friend's house, and the router in both places.  I've searched on this, but haven't hit on the right search terms.  Any help or links to instructions or similar problems would be greatly appreciated.

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A VPN would really be a pain for this job, best search for mac http proxy daemon you will find things like this
this will relay all of your request through another PC
nortonloafAuthor Commented:
The "proxy" part of that sentence makes it sound pretty slow.  I don't mind a painful solution, or one that might cost a little.  Most important requirements:

1.  All external websites/programs accessed must see only my friend's IP.
2.  Minimum loss of speed

Proxying won't be slow.

How fast are CPUs these days?  Gigahertz, multi-gigahertz, dealing with 16, 32, or 64 bits at a time.

How fast are 'Net connections these days?  Megabit, perhaps in a few areas multi-megabit.  

That CPU can think about 16,000 to 128,000 bits in the time it takes a 'Net connection to send a bit.  Encryption is "no worries mate".

Your potential problem lies in the likelihood that the friend's cable modem is asymmetric.  Your downloads will download through the cable modem, then VPN "upload" to get over the 'Net to you.  As a result, no matter how you solve this, your downloads will NEVER operate at higher than the upload speed of the cable modem.  Might as well just NOT do the illegal/illicit/naughty/questionable things you were planning to do, or do them in the open.
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