One public IP Address, several providers

Hi, I have 1 Mbps dedicated link to IMPSAT, who also provides me with 64 public IPs.
But it's service is unavailable from time to time, so I have an ADSL ISP as a backup.
But ADSL gives me just one dynamic IP, and I'd like to use my other public IPs, despite IMPSAT is not working...
Can it be done?
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pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want do do this, you need to get the IP's from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA who then delegates its authority to regional Registries such as ARIN for North America

Once you have a block from them, you can get an Autonomous System number as well.  Once you have that, you can work with providers to advertise your IP Range and AS number through their backbone and then use BGP to provide multiple connections through multiple providers all to your IP space.

That's how it's done.
naveedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot. The IP Addresses provided to you by IMPSAT are only reachable through their Dedicated Link. On your DSL, you can not use those IP Addresses.

If you get a second line from IMPSAT, you may be able to use it as backup. But if you have a ADSL from another ISP, they can not allow those IP Addresses to communicate with Internet.

There is a work around, called dynamic DNS, where you can publish your internal hosts instead of IP Addresses. You will need dynamic DNS service, and when your primary link goes down, point the DNS to your ADSL. But do note it will require lot of work; and if you are running services on same ports (like two webservers), you will not be able to do that.
ChofoAuthor Commented:
OK, both of your answers are right, naveedb answered what I was thinking I could do, and pseudocyber gave me the right (though difficult + expensive) way.   I guess I should split the points, do you agree?
Yes.  Thanks. :)
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