Access to a drive

I have a drive where I want a folder to be placed by itself so I can give it access to other people.
How can I make it so I can create a new folder to place the contents of this file in the new folder.
I am an administrator but I think this has stricter security policies.
Any clues would really be appreciated on how to achieve this.
Win 2003 server, Active Directory.  Systems XP.
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Hi GanaSonaDa,

you need to create a share. Create your folder, right click and select sharing - share the folder, under permissions give everyone full control, under security tab, give everyone full control and see how you go
JayJay, I don't want to attack you and your answer is valid. I do however feel it is bad practise to advise novice network users to open up shares with "Everyone->Full Control" without explaining the risks.
If this PC has a direct Internet connection, all his files will be available for theft and infection.
Even on a LAN, other users can take ownership of documents or set permissions that Deny Access to other users and even the Administrators (that is fixable but annoying and counter-productive).
The "Everyone->Full Control" permission is from the Windows NT4 era, and should be avoided at all cost. When in doubt, use "Users -> Change", this is a significant difference.
Redwulf, i agree completely with what you are saying, i should have explained in more detail i guess, i just wanted a share up and running and then can drill down security afterwards

i see what you are getting at though, prob should explain more in my answer

thanks for picking up on it :)
GanaSonaDaAuthor Commented:
Well both answers made sense.
However lets break this question down.

There are many drives.

on A you cannot create a new folder it says that 'access denied to create new folder'.
A is where the folder named "job" (eg) exists but it is under a classifcation.
You have Finance and within that you have "job". I want to take "job" out of Finance and place it seperately.

Than I could do the above but there is only a limited group that will get acccess to this folder. So essentially
I want to move "jobs" out of there but have it stand alone in A drive. (at moment can't create nor copy and paste but on B & C I can, what is the difference).
Once I have folder stand alone I can only then in 'member of' through active directory give such and such permission to access it as I don't want them accessing the entire finance folder.  

Please shed some light, I do want to resolve this problem, ASAP. It's annoying me. I went in through administrator rights and everything thinking I could have super powers to do this but clearly there is some settting that needs to be changed for access to me to create a new folder so instead of the overall a-finance i can have a-jobs.  
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