VB call execute file

  I have an execute file which was written in C++;  When I run the program in command line, I type

c:\enc abc.txt enc_abc.txt          'encoding processin

c:\dec enc_abc.txt abc.txt         'decoding process

but I got a lots of text file to be encoded and decoded.

Is it possible to use VB to create an interface and let user select all the file and call the external exe file to do the process in batch?
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You need keep all the files which are all encoded in to a single directory.
Then, Using VB & directory list box control let the user to select the directory.
Using that direcotry you can browse all the files in it by using File List box control.
using a loop you can call ur executable and encode/decode your files.

calling executable using shell command will be look like

Shell "c:\enc " & strSourceFileName & " " & strTargetFileName

Using the above snippet and a loop you can encode more than one file at a time (asynchronously).

gorettiAuthor Commented:
Yes finally I did it myself
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gorettiAuthor Commented:
gorettiAuthor Commented:
but seems got a problem
i can run it propoerly in DOS but fail to call out

anything wrong?
for which question u r asking? 4 current one or 4 linked question???
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