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Hi guys,

we currently use Exchange server 2003, and we use SMTP mail for the whole company. We have just set up a new way that we run our company websites, and part of it requires us to have a POP email account and servers etc. I have no idea how i would go about setting it up, or even if we have the capabilities of doing it!

we need a pop email address, username and password.

Obviously we currently own various email domains but we have only ever used them for SMTP mail.

any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Gavin
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Hi Gavin,
You would need to configure POP3 on Exchange. take a look at this would guide you.

all the best
Hi Gavin 5511,

In MS Exchange System manager > Help > Contents tab > Messaging clients > Pop3 support gives a comprehensive outline on how to config POP for email access.

If you use Exchange already, on one server access Exchange System manager > Administrative groups > first administrative groups > servers > select  your server > Protocols > POP3 properties - start the default pop3 virtual server.

That should enable pop3 access for clients. However do read the guidelines given in help.


Gavin5511Author Commented:
excellent! just checked and it has already been set up. so it looks as if everything should be fine on the server. Do you know if i would need to contact my ISP who hosts the domain? or should everything be fine considering SMTP works.

as for the other part of my question, what would be my username and password, and what would be the pop server?
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If the servers are within the network, you will not need to contact the ISP. Simply create an email account for POP access in Outlook.

your Username / password will be as defined for that domain.
Usually it's -
User name
in that order in Outlook account settings.

Gavin5511Author Commented:
right thanks guys, your comments are great, but i still don't fully understand.

basically, a company are sending out lots of emails for us, and we need to have a pop account for the bounced emails to get sent to. i'm really not too sure how to go about setting this up!
Log onto the active directory and create a user as you normally would and assign an email account. In the user properties >exchange features tab - enable pop. Then give that address to the company that is sending email on your behalf and create an outlook account for internet mail using the same address.
Gavin5511Author Commented:
excellent. and the pop server ip address. would this be the internal one of the external one? and it also asked for an outbound email smtp address???
If its for internal use, enter internal ip of the mail server for both. SMTP is for sending. If you do not need sending use a bogus ip.
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