Can pfbackup be used on the same machine for two different users AND make backups to each users's separate backup folders?

I've read the other solutions relating to pfbackup which all deal with making the program available to a different user but do not address the issue of ensuring that if user A sets his backup options these options will not apply when user B runs his own backup. Since the utility creates a file named Outlook backup.pst in each case it is obviously essential these can be differentiated and stored in different places.

If this can be achieved I should also appreciate seeing a definitive procedure for bypassing the install problem whereby when the utility is operational for user A the installation by user B is denied. I need to know the answer to the first question before bothering to resolve the install issue because if only one set of backup options can be set this is not the way to go....

Thanks for any help!
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Hi rogerleclercq, you are right.  The Outlook Personal Folders Backup Utility is not "user aware".

Here's a Workaround:  

Log into the Windows User Account in which the Personal Folders Backup
add-in is available in Outlook.
1.  Click Start | Run, type REGEDIT and click OK.
2.  Expand HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins.
3.  Highlight the subkay named, "Microsoft OutlookBackup.1".  Click the appropriate
menu commands to export the registry key (i.e. WinXP = File | Export) and save the
REG file to a location that will be available to all Windows User Accounts.
4.  Log into another Windows User account and open the REG file created.  Click YES
to Merge the entry.

The Outlook Personal Folder Add-in will now be available to that user.

Hope that helps.

i have not used this tool, but I would expect it to place its backup file within the users "documents and settings" folder, and as such each users location would be different.

I would test this to see what happens.


rogerleclercqAuthor Commented:

I don't disagree but the point is:I need to know if this program can operate for 2 discrete and separate users with two discrete and separate backup places on the same PC. It appears doubtful because once the program is installed for User A it refuses to install for User B "because it already exists". Although it exists it is not available to User B. It CAN be made available to User B (see other "solutions") but nobody has actually vouched for it still being fully functional for User A......

Lots of programs in XP and/or Office retain their own settings in local settings which means each user enjoys his own individual control. But this pfbackup, once installed, does NOT make itself available to anyone other than the installer and then REFUSES to install for anyone else. So it does not follow the rules that you assume it would. This I know. I need to know more and although I could spend a few hours testing to find out I prefer to ask an expert!!!

Any offers?
rogerleclercqAuthor Commented:
Mark - Thanks for an "almost perfect" answer. It did not actually answer the fundamental question of whether pfbackup will behave correctly if it is used by two different users on the same machine but you made it so easy to make that registry change that I did  it and tested and can report that the answer is YES. I was afraid that the program would retain the target backup info from whoever had last used the utility whereby the backup.pst file of user A would be overwritten by the backup.pst file of user B or else that the settings would have to be edited on each and every use to avoid this. Needless to say this requirement would totally cancel out the benefit of this otherwise excellent add-in.

To make your answer perfect I'd add the words "available to that user....accepting and retaining that user's different file location options". I don't think your solution is a "workaround" - its actually the answer.

Anyhow - great stuff and thanks again.
Glad to have helped!  Take care.

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