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Juniper Netscreen Firewalls

Hi All,

We currently have a very old Raptor 6.5 Firewall and recently we have been victims of DNS Cache poisoning through the firewall.

I was given the task of looking for a replacement and after searching through various vendors, such as Juniper, Cisco, Smoothwall and CheckPoint, I have decided that the Juniper looks very good.

I have been doing some research into these systems and most of the reviews all seem to say the same thing: The appliance is very, very good however the management interface is a bit complex.

does anyone have any experience with these appliances and if so, just how complex is the interface?

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The interface is pretty intuitive. However, I am NOT a fan of the Netscreen Security Manager (NSM).

If you telnet directly the firewall and use the GUI you will find it pretty easy to manage. However, a benefit of Juniper is that you can also do just about everything from the command line. So you can script changes and push them to multiple firewalls. So if you want to shut off a protocol or something then you can do it that way.

So I am a fan of Juniper, but I still would rather have a CheckPoint. However, there is a considerable increase in cost. So for Enterprise I recommend CheckPoint. For smaller deployments I recommend Juniper.

If you have specific questions on Juniper just ask and I'll see if I can be more helpful.
I am on board with net_sec, we deal with fortune 500 companies, large-medium size go with checkpoint, you can't top the granularity and security. Small-medium we recommend Juniper. We are partners for both companies.. Juniper firewalls are a good product.

I believe most of the bad reviews came about over the previous version of software called GPE, this interface was BAD....

NSM is the new version of Netscreen management, it is very usable and not to difficult to understand.
As net_sec_guru mentioned you also have the command line to use which can be a blessing sometimes.

Overall a very stable and fast Firewall.
TheRabbiAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much every body,

We are relatively in the Small-Medium organisation size and so the Juniper is now looking odds on to be the replacement.

This has certainly made my fear of deploying a new system drop dramatically.
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