Understanding some Print Code

Hello Everyone,
    First.. before I begin.. this is not homework...
    I am trying to learn Visual Baisc on my own...
    I was reading a book Visual Basic 2005 Step by Step
    I was going over the following code... and I was trying to determine what the following line is being used for:

       e.Graphics.MeasureString(StringToPrint, PrintFont, sizeMeasure, strFormat, numChars, numLines)

    Per the helps files from Visual Basic it tells me the following:

      Measures the specified string when drawn with the specified Font and formatted with the specified StringFormat.

   However, I really dont understand how that line is being used within the code... I dont see the returned item being
   applied to any part of the code?

    Private Sub PrintDocument1_PrintPage(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
        ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintPageEventArgs) Handles PrintDocument1.PrintPage
        Dim numChars As Integer
        Dim numLines As Integer
        Dim stringForPage As String
        Dim strFormat As New StringFormat

        Dim rectDraw As New Rectangle(e.MarginBounds.Left, e.MarginBounds.Top, _
            e.MarginBounds.Width, e.MarginBounds.Height)

        Dim sizeMeasure As New SizeF(e.MarginBounds.Width, _
            e.MarginBounds.Height - PrintFont.GetHeight(e.Graphics))

        strFormat.Trimming = StringTrimming.Word

        e.Graphics.MeasureString(StringToPrint, PrintFont, sizeMeasure, strFormat, numChars, numLines)

        stringForPage = StringToPrint.Substring(0, numChars)

        e.Graphics.DrawString(stringForPage, PrintFont, Brushes.Black, rectDraw, strFormat)

        If numChars < StringToPrint.Length Then
            StringToPrint = StringToPrint.Substring(numChars)
            e.HasMorePages = True
            e.HasMorePages = False
            StringToPrint = RichTextBox1.Text
        End If
    End Sub

Any assitance would be appricated

thank you
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its basically a wrapper to that sets and handles the details of the string being printed...

say you have a string that is 400 charcters long with no spaces... this will make the printed page look correct along with handling other things to like font details

its is used to figure out how many chars and lines can fit based on sizeMeasure
and its being used right here
stringForPage = StringToPrint.Substring(0, numChars)
tony_813Author Commented:
Hello MasterThai,  thank you for your quick response... sorry to ask more about this...

   How is the result of:

    e.Graphics.MeasureString(StringToPrint, PrintFont, sizeMeasure, strFormat, numChars, numLines)

  Being used in:

    stringForPage = StringToPrint.Substring(0, numChars)

  When the result of: e.Graphics.MeasureString(StringToPrint, PrintFont, sizeMeasure, strFormat, numChars, numLines)
  was never assigned to a variable to be used in: stringForPage = StringToPrint.Substring(0, numChars)??

tony_813Author Commented:
Hello MasterThai...
    Thank you for your information..
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