Auotcad and changing Printer Names in printers and faxes on local machine

We use Autocad for drawing and used to connect driectly to our printer.

We now have an print server installed on a print server.

but when we  choose the printer Autocad gives an error when we open a drawing.

It is looking for the printer "HP500" but now in printers and faxes on the local computer it lists the printer as "HP500 on printer-server"

is there anyway to take off the "on printer-server"? i have tried renaming but it still says "on printer-server" and changes the name of the printer on the printer-server itself..
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In other words the server is a PC. In that case, give everyone full permissions to the printer (under the Security tab in printer Properties).
Assuming your "print server" is not a PC, but an "external network adapter" for the printer...

Use the Add Printer Wizrd to install a new copy of the driver. Install a LOCAL printer. When the list of ports comes up, click on Add Port and create a Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of the print server. Then continue with the rest of the installation.

Being a local printer you can then change the name as you require.
micromcAuthor Commented:
Printer-Server is a windows 2003 server with a few printers added to it, the client computers lookup the printer in the AD and connect to it from there.
micromcAuthor Commented:
the printers are all on the network and the drivers have ben installed on the server and then the printeres connected to the server
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