Replication between two domain controllers

I have two domain controllers running w2k3 sp1.Server A holds all the fsmo roles.Server B runs exchange 2003, Isa 2004 and its the main antivirus server( Group Shield mcafee).
Problem: The two domain controllers cannot relicate to one another and as result event id: 13508 is generated.I have tried assigning fixed ports to AD and FRS by editing registry but none is working.All the application,system,security,directory service has no errors except file replication service.When i create a user a\c in server B, i have to restart both servers for them to replicate the user a\c.

Anyone who has the solutiom?please help

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That error, 13508 points to DNS.

Make sure that:
1. your zone is set up correctly
2. both servers are listed
3. you can ping by IP and by name
4. If there is a router or WAN link, make sure traffic is flowing properly
5. If you have any firewall setup, configure them to allow DNS and AD traffic.

IF this doesn't fix it, try a Jrln Wrap error fix,

Good Luck,
Kini pradeepPrincipal Cloud and security consultantCommented:

first of all if you go to AD sites and services and try to replicate between the domain controllers what is the error message.
you mentioned that you get error 13508 in the FRS event log, do you see any 13509 as well.
on the cmd of each dc if you type NET SHARE do you see netlogon and sysvol shares ?
if not then the Dc is not behaving as a Dc as it cannot bind.

 try running Dcdiag from support tools, Dcdiag /v (verbose mode) and pipe the out put into a text file and check for errors.

also if you could let us know the errors in dssite.msc, while replicating ( rpc server unable, access denied etc) please let us know about that .

kgithongoAuthor Commented:
-I have checked the dns, zone and all the servers can ping both by ip address and name.The firewall is set up to allow AD and dns traffic but nothing seems to work.
Dc diag tool only finishes with errors.
-Have concluded in backing up the data and installing both servers afresh.
Thanks for those who volunteered for the ideas.
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