Exchange and Qmail Configuration

Our Email server (QMail) resides off site for obvious reasons and it's running on Linux. The web server is running also on the same server and our domains points to the same machine.

My main goal is to be archiving incoming and outgoing mail! Exchange and windows have more package to accomodate that so I am thinking to be using Exchange instead.

The configuration of the Email server right now does not accommodate that and its hard to implement it the way it is set up.

I have an Exchange Mail server on our LAN and I know that I can set up the MX Record of our domains to point to the Exchange Server (incoming mails) and then can use smart host (Outgoing mail).

I have 4 questions:

1. When user want to try the web outlook remotely from their browsers how do I set it up so they can type something like ... and be able to access the exchange server (web Exchange outlook) as oppose to the qmail server.

2. Also on the exchange server is there a way for a user to have the exact email alias for both of the domains. i.e and if not how do I get around it?

3. Does exchange have an intelligent antispam mechanism and antivirus or is something that I need to be looking for an add-on?

4. Security wise do you think Exchange should not be attached to the LAN and users be able to access it remotely from the internet?

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange requires active directory. Therefore it has to be attached to your network.
As with many things in life, you have to take a risk. I see no problem in allow SMTP and HTTPS traffic in to a properly patched Exchange 2003 SP2/Windows 2003 SP1 server that is on your LAN.
Others see it differently.
If you want to put something in between the LAN the Internet, then get a second machine and install ISA server.
Whatever you do, don't put Exchange in to a DMZ. If you must use a DMZ, then use an ISA server, with the ISA server in a workgroup, not as part of your domain.

Exchange has a basic spam solution, but no AV. You may want to look at third party for both of those. The subject comes up very frequently on this site, so search around. You should probably look for separate AV and Antispam as in my experience one package can't do both as effectively.

Users can have as many aliases as you like, however only one can be the default for outbound email.

For OWA, it is just a matter of DNS manipulation. To loose the /exchange requires a small tweak to IIS.

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