looking for database design for ERP


i want study the structure of ERP system

1. Business process of ERP system
2. Datamodels,tables structure
3. workflow diagrams
4. database design
5. dataflow diagrams

cover all modules with integrating all modules of ERP.
pls recommend some downloads,url stuff,
so that i can able to study indepth also
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Thats kind of a loaded question. In order to chose an ERP, in order to study it, you have to know the structure of the organization that would work best with an ERP package.  So really what are your business practices and how does your companies workflow work with an ERP package out there....also....database designs will vary from ERP to ERP.  And as for Dataflow diagrams you need to truly know how your company does business in order to map out the appropriate data flow in an ERP....Sorry to cause you any confusions on this....
Ninpokai has hit this one on the head....

Even though the end of most ERP systems are the same.... Product out the door, sold, to a customer and accounted for,  The MEANS of getting there are very VERY different..  Somethings are simple.. Customer Tables, vendor master table, order entry headers and bodies...  But others are a real piece of work.. matrixed pricing by customer,  General Ledger mapping by type,  Manufacturing, Inventorying and so on..

all the things you have listed are specific to the business that is being studied that it would be impossible to state the structure of anything without a designated system to begin studying.

If education you want, go get your PMC (project management certificate), take a couple of APICS classes (american Production and inventory control society), throw some advanced accounting classes.  Work for an IT department for a minimum of 5 years and your about there. Even the ERP vendors run classes, take a couple of them and you'll begin to understand THEIR system.

I will check a couple of sites for diagrams, workflow startup and others, but I do not believe you will find what it is you are looking for...

Have a good one...
As per my knowledge and some experience, MOST of ERP applications can accommodate all the business process of varying fields of business; and THIS IS THE CONCEPT of ERP.  As of my experience Oracle and SAP are the most valuable ones, and most famous.

For Oracle, there is a good reference collection in their support site:
(eTRM stands for Electronical Technical Reference Manuals)
THIS ACCESSIBLE ONLY FOR ORACLE CUSTOMERS (You need to have been purchased their ERP, or otherwise, check any customer you know who can help you)

also you can check:

You can download FREE PDFs here.

I hope this will help you. Regards;
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