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I have copied a large number of documents from one computer to another and zeroed out the original drive.  Now the Date Created and the Date Modified have all been reset to the date the transfer was made.  I understand I may not be able to recover the orginal creation dates on some files, but if I go into the advanced summary of Word documents it shows the correct Date created and Date modified.  Is there a way to display that in explorer's details view?
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Sounds like the file is tagged with a time date with word but as far as the system goes you only have two options you can either physically change the time and date one your computer then copy the file to another location or you can use a third party tool like to change the file information.
You can not do that. From windows explorer or file directory, it will only show last time file was being modified, for this case will be last time the file was transfering to this computer.

But if you want to see the organial creation date, you have to go to perperty of the file the go to summary to see the date.

Hopefully this help
In windows explorer, go to view, then details. The top of the screen then shows Name, Size, Type Modified. Right Click at the top of the screen and you can select from about 20 other being date created.
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