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Hi Members,

I couldn't find a TA for HP-UX. Hence posting it here.

This is the error when I invoke Bash shell in HP-UX 11.2.

"/usr/lib/hpux32/ Unable to find library ''  "

I tried searching for the library and couldn't find it. Searching in the net took me to "gettext" and "libiconv" tools. Both are installed and this hasn' solved the problem.

I also modified SHLIB_PATH to include /usr/lib/hpux32. This did not work as the Shared Library is not present.

Any pointers willbe highly appreciated.

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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The GNU bash need to have gettext libgcc libiconv packages installed, you can downlaod them (binary package) including bash from:

and a lot more freeware for HP-UX from the same site.

biraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The shared object provided wide-character translation. This functionality now resides in libc on Solaris systems.

HP-UX does not have a shared object. Some of the message-handling functions as identified are not present on HP-UX by default.

Most of the wide-character functionality is present in on HP-UX systems. You can alse get the same functionality as the functions on Solaris systems from the GNU gettext package.

take a look at this URL
catchmeifuwantAuthor Commented:
thanks both. I fixed the problem by installing gcc.

I split the points for your response.
FYI in case some one else comes across this thread. The referenced URL to a system at no longer exists.
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