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internal domain to be forwarded


I have my domain company.com
and i have my dns server, which is solaris server

now, i added ee.company.com to the hosts file in the dns server,
when i ping from the server, it redirect it to the internal server as defined in the hosts files,
but when using nslookup, it direct me to the public IP address defined at my host ISP,

what I need is that people from outside to be directed to 84.x.x.x
where people trying to access the same domain ee.company.com from inside the company to be directed to internal IP

as i mentioned, modifying the hosts file alone does not work,
what shall i do
1 Solution
malibusaAuthor Commented:
for your information,

if i ping something in the hosts file, it pings back
where if i ping something not in the hosts file, i takes long time, then it gives the message "no answer"

for example, if i define in hosts file

then i ping abc, it pings correctly

but if i remove it from the hosts file, then i try to ping it,
it do not reply, and at the end it gives the message "no answer from abc"

First, nslookup will never look at the hosts file - it is a name server query tool.  Ping will look at the hosts file.  Your clients will never look at your server's hosts file.  If you setup your clients to use your server as their DNS server, and setup DNS so that ee.company.com's address is, the clients will go to  BUT, if your server is the authoritative name server for company.com, then setting the IP tp will make ee.company.com inaccessible by clients on the internet.  You need to do a WHOIS on comany.com and see which nameservers it's pointing to - those are the authoritative ones.

Hope this helps!

Steve Kamerman

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