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Godmine eating files

Ok guys, I have a tough one for you. Last night, in addition to all the other troubles we have been having with Goldmine it ate several files including the FLAGS.DBF.
Has anyone evver seen this happen before?
What could casue this to happen? I need ideals and suggestions.
Telling me to ran A/V scans doesn't count since I am doing that right now, even though a FULL scan was ran Sunday at noon. I am also trying to convince the boss that a DOS level scan would be a good thing but this is our major production several and would have to go down for a while to accomplish this scan.

1 Solution
What O/S are you running. Please give more detail about your setup.
Maybe you Goldmine have some corrupted file.

Do you have a recent backup of your Goldmine ?

If yes, you can run the "Repack and Rebuild" utility inside Goldmine ? Also, when you run this utility, select "ALL Database" and "All file".
MarkDozierAuthor Commented:
O/S  - Win2k server
Corrpurt file - DUH !

We have repacked, rebuilt and rebuitl files and done a lot of things you may not even think of.
I apperciate the ideals, but we need more then surface or basic knowledge help.
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hi there, any ideas which files have gone?
Which version of goldmine mate?
Take it you cannot access goldmine at all?
One way, create a copy off all the goldmine files, and there is a repair installation on the cd.
I would not go with a virus as other files on the server would be affected, and with it being your main server, they would of been noticed by now.

Goldmine though cannot eat your files.

Just out of curiosity, check the recycle bin - You never know

PS sarcasm gets you no where on here, only ignored.
MarkDozierAuthor Commented:
Goldmine 6.5. on 2K server 512 mg RAM.
We have no issues accessing GM as long as the FLAGS.DBF is present but with that gone GM does not open and that was one of the files missing this morning.

While the ideal of looking in the recycle bin is interesting there is only one file there from the 27th of April. So yes Goldmine can eat the files as it did last night.
I agrre it isn't a virus but you always need a starting point when you are stuck and a scan never hurts.
As I said this is a real toughie so I need people with expertise and deep undererstanding of GM to add their thoughts here.

P.S.S    A bit of sarcastic is good for the mind. Ignore me if you don't like.
I would also recommend posting this problem at http://forums.frontrange.com/  as there are more specialists in goldmine awaiting to help you solve problems.
MarkDozierAuthor Commented:
We arre working with front range and an expert they recommended. We have him stumped.  Thanks forthe suggestion.
So is it just the Flags.dbf that goes for a walk at all?

Did you try the repair installation?
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