Defrag of Exchange 2000 store.

Having an issue trying to defrag a store in exchange 2000 enterprise server.  Dismounted store. Start, run Cmd.  Went to the bin folder, and ran eseutil.  Input correct syntax to defrag and used the /TG:\tempstore.edb, so move it to a mapped network drive, the "G drive", and the file called tempstore, because we are low on space where the stores reside.  When I hit enter, I get the error

Error: access to the source database 'mailbox store 7' failed with -1811 <jet_errFileNotFound

Also, it just happens to be that the store is located in a folder with spaces, as is the name of the store:  

..\storage group 3\mailbox store 7.edb.

Even if I type the syntax and and purposely misspell the store name, I get the same error (mailstore7, mailbox7, etc)

I tried putting the names in quotes ..\"storage group 3", but still get the same error.  Is the eseutil having an issue with folders and the store having names with spaces?  I have done this on 5.5 with the priv1.edb, and it worked perfectly, using the same syntax.  

If you need anymore info or have questions, please let me know.
Any help and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated!  
Giving full 500 points, because the space is really starting to fill.  Less than 10GB free on the server where the stores resides.
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have you tried putting the full path in quotes?
Other then Microsoft Premier Site you can see
put the entire path in quotes, such as eseutil /d "c:\program files\exchsrvr\storage group 3\priv.eb" /TG:\tempstore.edb

like that.

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