Laptop Takes Long Time To Complete Login After Shutdown


Here is the scenario:

Win Server 2003, LAN, Users.

Win XP installed on Laptop, which has built in wireless.  Installed and updated and joined domain thru LAN cable connection.
So far, so good.

Log in as user A with LAN cable connected.  Works ok.  WIndows does sync when log out performed.
Log back in this time using the wireless connection.  Takes forever to do the login in.
When done, works fine.
Log out and log back in.  Log in instantaneous.

Power down laptop.
Boot up and log in as User A to domain again.  Takes 5-10 minutes and finally connects to domain and login successful.
Log out and back in and instantaneous.

Every time it is powered down, the login to the domain takes 5-10 minutes, but all successive logins seem to be instantaneous.
Happens for every domain user on the laptop.

Here is what I did.....

unregistered laptop from the domain.  Powered down.
deleted all DNS and DHCP entries for laptop.  Deleted laptop entry in the AD.
powered up, logged on as local admin and joined the domain.
cable was connected.
booted.  logged in as domain user with cable connected.  Login instantaneous.  Log out and sync process ran.
Tried same thing with different user...same behavior.

Logged on as user A, with LAN cable disconnected so wireless would be used.  Took 5-10 minutes to connect to the domain.
Same with user B.

This behavior seems pretty strange.  Can some one help.  Please advise.  Thanks.

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did you already try to run ad-aware?

Another culprit is DNS settings, ensure that your primary DNS server is the local domain one, using your ISP's will result in slower logins.

Have you setup sites in AD, using the AD Sites and Services tool?  This tells the clients which DC to use to logon, and it may be your clients are not using their local DC.

are you aware of the two different logon methods on a microsoft network? In the control  panel | networks | client for microsoft networks, you can logon to a domain/workgroup in to ways:

- logon with recovery of network connections (this is default). At logon your machine checks every network connection on availability. This is the slow method.

- Fast logon. Your box logs on to the domain/workgroup and assumes the other workstations/servers are all availible. It only checks it when you access those machines.
The difference might be clear. Slow logon and fast resourse access and at the other hand a quick logon and slower (initial) resource access.

rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Problems seemed to started when user A logged on desktop and laptop and then changed AD password from desktop and did not log off laptop.  At that point were getting can not find domain error messages....forget exact text.....
finally recabled LAN and things sync'ed up, but the long delay in completing the login to the domain started.
Have not been able to correct.
Do  you see activity during this "wait" time?  is the hard drive light blinking?  Are there any entries in the event log (system) that may be helpful?

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rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
During the login wait there is no disk blinking light.

Laptop only a few weeks old.

client for MS networks.....does not show any logon with recovery or fast logon......

shows only RPC Services - Windows Locator.....
only other option is DCE CELL DIRECTORY SERVICE

So how do I change the logon method?
Please advise.

I gave incorrect info - that was for older vs of win....

are you bypassing the proxy?

updated win xp service pack?

this is some relevant info for your setup - sorry bout above..

You experience a delay when you use your Windows XP computer to log on to a domain or to connect to a network resource
I would check the DNS Setting on the Wireless card, there may be a bogus setting being held in the wireless connections thats not in the wired connections.  This would cause it to time out and use some cached credentials from there on out.  When Logins are excessively long, I check DNS first always, after you login on the wireless waiting along time, ping your DC and see if the IP resolves correctly.
rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
I agree that it is a dns problem.....

After finally getting past the login, I checked the IPCONFIG and there were no DNS servers..  Entered 2 external DNS servers but they did not work.

rstuemkeAuthor Commented:
Was DNS problem of sorts.....changed the search order for the wireless networks and it cut the time from 10 minutes down to about 15 seconds.

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