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Is it possible to generate a control like the one used on this page to show C# and VB code in simple javascript and css?
On the page they use a .net control, but I need to be able to write it in html in my cms
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ZvonkoConnect With a Mentor Systems architectCommented:
If you look into that page source you will see all the JavaScript and Style definitions there.
The JavaScript function call is:
<TD class=backtab id=tabctl00$ctl00$Main_Body$MainBody$ctl01 onclick="doClick(0, 2, 'ctl00$ctl00$Main_Body$MainBody$ctl01')">C# </TD>
<TD class=tab id=tabctl00$ctl00$Main_Body$MainBody$ctl01 onclick="doClick(1, 2, 'ctl00$ctl00$Main_Body$MainBody$ctl01')">VB </TD>
<TD class=space>&nbsp;</TD></TR>

And the <STYLE> definitions are immediately before that <table> definition.
thor_ostergaardAuthor Commented:
Well - I can see that - but it's not simple!
How about the doClick function?
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Did you look into page source???
Before the upper table rows is the <style> section.
And before the <style> section is the <script> section with the doClick() function definition.
They repeat the <script> and <style> definitions again and again for every example control placement!

thor_ostergaardAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I didn't se the onClick function - .net has a lot of client scripts and i thought it was one of them
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
No problem.
Good look :-)
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